is an editorial cartoonist for The Singapore Straits Times. He’s been a political cartoonist for The Manila Times, The Daily Tribune, The Philippine Post, Tanod Tabloid and ISYU Newspaper. He is also the creator of comic strips DOG FUD, SUN STROKE and BIZ-CUIT which appeared in The Manila Bulletin and PM Tabloid.

His biting Political cartoons have appeared in several international news magazines such as Newsweek, Time magazine online, Der Spiegel, one of the leading German political magazine, CNN News, Courrier International and in books such as The Best Political Cartoons.

He represented the Philippines at the 8th Asian Cartoon Festival in 2003. His works are also syndicated in Politicalcartoons.com and Cagle.com.

He has a bachelors degree in Visual Communication from The University of the Philippines College of Fine Arts.


He swept the top prize in the Excellence in Editorial Cartooning category in the  2014 SOPA awards and received the accolade in the Excellence in Editorial  in the 2015 SOPA awards.



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